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Alex Benjamin

Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Editor

This project is the brainchild of Alex, greatly inspired by a childhood favorite of his,Walking with Dinosaurs. Alex has edited several videos, including three fan-films based on the Godzilla franchise that he's posted on his channel VaderTyrannus, is majoring in evolutionary biology/ecology and filmmaking in college, and has contributed tremendously to the scripts and story for the series, as well as bringing the whole team together.

Alex's Twitter

Jonathan Chen

Associate Producer, Scientific Consultant, Writer

Jonathan has been a substantial contributor to the project’s writing and overall organization and management. Recently, he has been engaged in paleontological research with professors at the University of Iowa and served as a collections assistant at the UI Fossil Repository. Additionally, his experience in science communication has included community science events at the UI, a blog on fossil displays, and several award-winning essays on paleontology.


You can check out his blog here.

Nathanael Leong

Associate Producer, Writer

The first person to have joined onto Alex's project, Nathanael has contributed a vast amount to the scripts, stories, recruiting team members, and generally making this project become a reality.

Nathanael is not new to writing dinosaur-related material: he co-wrote a novel called "Dawn of the Portals".

Jayson Duria (Wobbly Works)


You may know Jayson as Wobbly Works, the name of his YouTube channel on which he posts stunning animations of both prehistoric animals and kaiju like Godzilla.

We definitely recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel here.

Sergi Suriol

Modeler, Concept Artist

Though a beginner, Sergi is a dedicated artist who has made fantastic 3D dinosaur models with an astounding attention to detail. He is the creator of our beautiful-looking models for Tyrannosaurus and Tylosaurus, as well as many more in the future! He has also done work on paleo-related games such as Wake of Pandora and Blue Ecos.

You can check out his portfolio on ArtStation here.

Callie C.


An incredibly skilled freelance 3D modeler, Callie has previously done work for the prehistoric video game Beasts of Bermuda. She is also the modeler of the stunning Dilophosaurus model that will appear in the crowdfunding scene

You can check out her portfolio on ArtStation here and her Twitter here.

Lise Rikke Kjær

Modeler, Animator


Lise is an exceptional modeler and animator, so much so that we won't judge you if you think you're actually looking at a real picture of a dinosaur for a brief moment.


Be sure to check out her ArtStation page and follow her on Twitter.

Roland David

Modeler, Environmental Designer

Roland is an excellent and skilled professional 3D modeler and environmental designer who has done work for Hollywood films such as Kong: Skull IslandGodzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs. Kong, and the 2019 remake of The Lion King, working for the big name visual effects companies Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) and Moving Picture Company (MPC).

You can view his ArtStation page here.

Santiago Laurent

Modeler, Animator

Santiago is no stranger to paleo-media; he's proven his expertise and talent by doing work for video games like Jurassic World: EvolutionPrimal Carnage, and ARK: Survival Evolved.

You can check out his ArtStation page here.

Jacob Kilner


Jacob is an Australian actor who has starred multiple short films, one of which has won an award. He has a Certificate III in Screen and Media from the Canberra Institute of Technology and an Advance Diploma in Performance from Perform Australia.


Additionally, he was the voice of the popular meme video in the paleo-community "Allosaurus has never seen such bullshit before", pulling off a near-perfect Kenneth Branagh impression.

You can check out his website here.

Jacob A. Cadmus


Jacob is a freelance, versatile composer who has done the music for several web series, fan-films, and short films. If you're into Star Wars, you may know him as the composer of the soundtrack for Star Wars Theory's Darth Vader fan-film.

Check out his YouTube and his website.

Noah Riccio

Writer and Concept Artist

Noah is not only a great artist with a very distinctive and attractive style but also an excellent writer, with an engaging, elegant, and amazingly descriptive style that paints a perfect picture in your head. He's contributed both to concept art but also to scripts for the series.

Noah's ArtStation

Noah's Instagram

Noah's Twitter

James Ligouri

Model Texturer

You may be familiar with his work if you've heard of his YouTube channel GameVideosForLife. James has done stunning textures and skins for the game Jurassic World: Evolution, of which you can see over at his page on NexusMods here.

Juan Yu See

Scientific Consultant

Juan is a big part of the reason the scripts are extremely up-to-date in terms of scientific accuracy. Not only does he have an impressive amount of paleo-knowledge on his own, he's been a great provider of scientific papers, and his connections to paleontologists like Thomas Holtz and John Foster have allowed us to nail the accuracy.

Destin Bogart

Sound Designer, Editor, Scientific Consultant

Widely known across the paleo community as E.D.G.E., Destin has come on board as a scientific consultant for the series, as he plans on going into the field of paleontology, and has also offered to do editing work (of which his expertise in both editing and paleontology can be seen on his YouTube uploads) and sound effects for the series.

You can check out his YouTube channel here.

Christian M.

Cover Artist

You see the really awesome, fantastic art on the background of our site? That is the official poster for this project that was commissioned from a paleoartist who goes by Prehistorica on Twitter. Be sure to check out his work, it's some of the best out there!

Additional Writers

Levi van der Veen

Ryan Benjamin

Lance Nwokeji

Neil Pezzoni

Concept Artists

Gabriel Leguillow

Armin Reindl

Haider Jaffri

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