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Why is this series called "Through the Eyes of Dinosaurs"?

The name “Through the Eyes of Dinosaurs” originates in our goal to immerse viewers of this documentary in the world of the Mesozoic. We aim to present our stories in a way that incorporates audiences into the daily lives of dinosaurs and the ecosystems surrounding them—effectively putting viewers “in the eyes” of the dinosaurs.

When will the documentary be finished?

Episodes of the documentary will be released as soon as production on them is complete; after the release of one episode, production will begin on the next. We’re hoping to have our first episode released by the end of 2022.

Where will I be able to watch the documentary once it's out?

We will upload the completed episodes onto our YouTube channel.

How many episodes will there be? How will the series be formatted?

Through the Eyes of Dinosaurs will include nine episodes, each featuring a different time and ecosystem of the Mesozoic era. For example, one of our planned episodes takes place in the Early Jurassic of the Kayenta Formation, while others take place anywhere (and any time) from the Late Jurassic of the Morrison Formation to the Late Cretaceous of the Hell Creek Formation.

Are you accepting more people onto the production team?

Absolutely! If you have a skill that would help us produce this project, please don't hesitate to fill out our Join Team form on our Team page.

How will this project be funded?

We currently have a page on Patreon on which you can support us. You can find it here:

Additionally, once a scene currently being produced by one of our animators is completed and released (which will work not only as a scene in the actual documentary, but also as a teaser and proof of concept), we will also begin a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Contributing to our campaign and Patreon page will allow you access to exclusive content (the amount of content a backer will have access to will depend on how much money is being pledged), such as:

  • Being able to purchase the entire series in advance for a discounted price ($15 instead of $20)

  • Early access to pictures of work-in-progress and completed animal models that won't be revealed to the public for some time

  • Exclusive access to view bits and pieces of scenes from the series as they are being completed

  • Exclusive behind the scenes information (you'll hear about what episodes and animals our series will have before anyone else)

  • Exclusive HD posters, concept art, and photos/renders (including an exclusive physical poster you can hang on your wall!)

  • Exclusive audio commentary tracks done by Alex for when the episode's are done (which will reveal behind the scenes information and talk about why we made some of the scientific and storytelling decisions we did)

  • Monthly Q&A streams where patrons can ask Alex questions about the documentary

Will the dinosaurs in the documentary have feathers?

Absolutely! Our absolute top priority when it comes to making this series is ensuring scientific accuracy across the board. This documentary will reconstruct these animals as they were in reality, in terms of both anatomy and behavior. However, in regards to the issue of feathers specifically, we will distribute them according to what scientific evidence available at the moment currently supports.

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