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Project Summary

Through the Eyes of Dinosaurs is an upcoming documentary series following the evolution of the dinosaurs, showcasing the world of the Mesozoic era along the way. In this series, we’re hoping to present one of the most scientifically accurate and compelling documentaries on dinosaurs and prehistory to date. Currently in pre-production, our talented team of paleo-enthusiasts, animators, artists, and modelers is striving to make this modern presentation of the Mesozoic a reality.

There are three crucial goals that we aim to accomplish in Through the Eyes of Dinosaurs:

  1. Accurately and fully showcasing the Mesozoic era and the evolution of dinosaurs.

  2. Creating riveting stories that excite and captivate our audiences with the world of the dinosaurs and the animals that lived alongside them.”

  3. Immersing viewers in a holistic and realistic presentation of the Mesozoic world, emulating modern wildlife documentaries in both style and technique.

Through the Eyes of Dinosaurs will eventually consist of nine episodes, each taking place at a different time and location in the Mesozoic. These episodes will be approximately 30 minutes in length and produced using realistic and accurate CGI (through the Unreal Engine).

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